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  • Who typically sells a house to Mr Investor?

Individuals who

  1. Are Behind on mortgage payments
  2. Facing Foreclosure
  3. House needs repairs
  4. inherited house
  5. relocationg to another area
  6. Divorce
  7. Job Lost
  • How Does The Buying Process Work?

Here's our process:

  1. Give us some brief information about your house by filling out and submitting our convenient website contact form.
  2. A local Mr. Investor will contact you quickly to arrange a visit to your house
  3. We will explain the entire selling process to you and answer all of your questions before evaluating the condition of your house and making a fair cash offer
  4. If you accept our no-obligation cash offer, we'll quickly set up a closing so you get your cash and get out of your house fast.
  • Will I have to pay a fee for you to visit and make a cash offer on my house?

Absolutely not!

  • Am I obligated to you in any way if I call or submit your website contact form with information about my house?

No. You're never under obligation to Mr. Investor when you contact us via phone or our website contact form. We answer your Mr. Investor questions, evaluate your house, and make a no-obligation all cash offer free of charge. We're happy to give you our time and information. It's all up to you whether you decide to sell to us – or not.

  • Will you pay market value for my house?

After answering your questions and evaluating the condition of your house, we will give you a fair, no-obligation all cash offer on your house discounted from the expected retail value after a full renovation. Mr. Investor will buy your house, but only at a price below market value so it can resell after renovations for a profit. However, Mr. Investor will pay cash for your house, take care of normal closing costs, and close quickly so you can move on fast. These are conveniences that all add up to a great deal for just about any homeowner with a house.

  • Free Move - We Pay For Your Move!

We understand your situation, and want to help. We will pay for your move!

Why Sell To Mr. Investor?

  • We Pay Top Dollars
  • We Pay Closing Costs
  • We Buy Houses "As-Is"
  • We Close FAST
  • We Make It Easy To Sell
  • NO REALTOR'S Commissions & fees
  • Get a FREE MOVE


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